Thursday, 20 August 2009

"No sex before marriage!"

"No sex before marriage!"

Extract 2.

In The Tempest, this is the scene where Prospero gives Miranda to Ferdinand. We call this scene, no sex before marriage! We have continued to experiment with the idea of everyone who is representing Prospero wearing glasses. Prospero has eyes everywhere, he sees everything, he knows everything; especially what Miranda and Ferdinand are up to, we think the glasses show this! When we were playing around with this bit of the story, we again realised how Prospero controls everyone and everything. Daniel and Jenny are playing Miranda and Ferdinand, both are keen to play these roles in The Tempest. In Firebird, we tend to cast the play in this way, people start thinking about the role they would like to play over our long research period, whilst we are still ‘playing’ or ‘messing’ around with the story.
As we develop our rehearsals, we will continue to post up-dates here.

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